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“Elbling for tradition, burgundy for passion”

For hundreds of years our family lives in Nittel and is just as long active in viniculture. But only in 1936 Heinrich Matthias Apel decided to produce his own wines. This work was continued in 1988 by his sons Harald and Hubert, who were absolutely determined, uncompromising and with many unconventionally ideas. Those first years were hard. Entirely new plantings, restructuring, high standards for quality and small achievements but also setbacks, shaped this time. It was worthwhile: Today we know how to understand each vineyard and we are able to offer each grape variety exactly what it needs for its’ optimal ripeness. We are especially proud that we helped a cultural good of the Mosel to a new glamour – “Elbling”, the oldest variety of Germany.

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Opening hours winery (when restaurant is closed):
Mo. – Fr. 8h00 – 18h00
Sat. 9h00 – 16h00

E-Mail: info@apel-weingut.de
Phone: 06584 314


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Geographically we are “Moselaner” but we do not have a lot in common with our colleagues. Instead we are very close to our friends from the French Burgundy. Grape varieties, soil, microclimate, terrain – those are the natural conditions which make our wine special. Shell limestone (Muschelkalk)! The heat reservoir of the rocks and the sun reflecting Mosel shape the climate. With a gradient of 35% and a south-southwest orientation, we offer our grapes the very best preconditions for an optimal development. Pure nature! Because of seeding of different herbs and grass, we increase the vitality of our vineyards. Thereby we strengthen the natural botanical energy of the vines, and we are able to reduce the chemical plant protection to a minimum.



A good wine needs passion, an eye for the detail and time. For example, the transport of the grapes, the gentle, long pressing with low pressure, primary treatment through natural sedimentation, and slow fermentation with our own yeasts. We attend our wines with great care. Thus we certainly will not win a competition of speed, but we run in the favor of our customers.

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Our wines represent themselves as pure and full of character. Take the chance and try them directly in our wine bar or on our patio. Let yourself indulge! We offer our guests a local “Mosel”- typical kitchen with seasonal dishes. In addition you have the chance to try our entire wine selection. Here’s to you! Our patio invites you to relax, to enjoy and to stay. A patio far away from street noise, in the middle of greens and surrounded by a lovely garden with cherry, apple and plum trees.

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Starting 23.08.2021 a negative Corona test certificate (< 24 hours) or vaccination pass is needed for the indoor restaurant.


Opening hours Restaurant: until 03.10.2021
Monday – Sunday: 12h00 – 23h00
open kitchen until 21h00

Due to the harvest, the restaurant will be closed on 23rd and 30th of September 2021.

Opening hours Restaurant: from 04.10.2021 – 28.11.2021
Monday: closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 12h00 – 23h00
open kitchen until 21h00

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Weingut Hubertus M. Apel
z. Hd. Herrn Philip Apel
Weinstraße 26
54453 Nittel

Phone: 06584 314
Fax: 06584 1263
eMail: info@apel-weingut.de





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